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Debris (ver 2) - Faces, аккорды

			There are passing notes and pull offs I didn't indicate.  Take time to jam along with 
original to get the feel... Great tune, but has to be Capo'd on 3rd to get those pull off 
like Faces Chord Forms relative to capo.
I listed two OUTRO's one through bridge chords when performing solo. ENJOY
Capo-3 Intro- (D – Em add 7th… x4) slow strum

                  D       Em
I left you on the Debris
                         D   Em
At the Sunday morning market
                             D              Em
You were sorting through the odds and ends.
                      D       Em… hold
You was looking for a bargain

                              D             Em
I heard your footsteps at the front door,
                           D      Em
And that old familiar love song,
                                D           Em
Cause you knew you'd find me waiting there
                  D // Em… >>
At the top of the stairs.

Bm               F#m
I went there and back
Em                     D
Just to see how far it was
Bm                    A
And you, you tried to tell me
Em                       D    Em… hold
But I had to learn for myself……

                           D      Em
Theres more trouble at the depot,
                           D      Em
With the general workers union
                            D               Em
And you said, They'll never change a thing.
                            D                Em
Well, they won't fight and their not working.

Bm            F#m
Oh you was my hero
Em                  D
How you are my good friend
Bm                  A
I've been there and back
Em  |  |   |    |     D  Em… hold
And I know how far it is

                      D           Em
But I left you on the Debris
                            D     Em
Now we both know you got no money.
                            D          Em
And I wonder what you would have done
                       D    Em…  OUTRO1 w lead = 
Bb// A// x4
Without me hanging around.       OUTRO2 w End = Bm-A,